Category: Upcycling

  • Cereal Box Cord Organizer Design 1

    Cereal Box Cord Organizer Design 1

    The other day my husband tripped on all the cords coming out of this octopus type multi-charger thing. Not for the first time. Since that’s a safety hazard I decided enough was enough. Here’s what I did: 1. Grabbed a pair of scissors and a small serrated blade knife 2. Cut the box down along…

  • No-Sew T-Shirt Bag

    No-Sew T-Shirt Bag

    Here’s a T-shirt that is super worn out. There are a bunch of tutorials online for making sewn T-shirt shopping bags to replace plastic/paper ones, so I initially thought I’d try that. Then I realized due to no sewing machine that would take about five hours per bag, hand sewing. No thanks. Here’s what I…

  • Pudding Cup For Hair Ties

    Pudding Cup For Hair Ties

    An additional use for a rinsed out, dried pudding cup © 2024

  • Applesauce Cup and Pudding Cup Pill Area

    Applesauce Cup and Pudding Cup Pill Area

    This is a simple upcycle: I rinsed out an applesauce cup and pudding cup, and dried them. Now they are ready to use as pill holders instead of keeping pills directly on a bedside table. © 2024

  • Air Freshener

    Air Freshener

    Plastic stuff builds up around here, as do essential oils. So here’s a DIY for making an air freshener out of it. All the materials required are shown aside from the bottle of essential oil: coffee filter, tape, cotton fluff, plastic vessel with lid taken off. The cotton fluff was had from a supplement bottle…

  • Improved Pizza Box Laptop Holder

    Improved Pizza Box Laptop Holder

    It started to squish. Filled it with toilet paper tubes and wound up squashing those down to fit inside the pizza box. February 12, 2024 Update: Made it unnecessarily hard to type even after entirely filling it with as many toilet paper tubes as it would hold. I think this DIY doesn’t work. February 20,…