Microwaved Vegan Cheese Sandwich

This is what a microwaved vegan cheese sandwich looks like. The cheese is a brand I choose not to name, as I suspect many will behave like this one. As you can see, it’s melted. I’ve had experience with vegan cheeses in just about everything else, and they often refuse to melt, particularly in a sandwich. I’ve sauteed them, panini pressed them, tried to cook them in a lidded skillet, whatever. No dice. But one minute in a microwave and it’s completely gooey. Maybe it’s one synthetic abomination playing nice with another, but whatever, it works. The bread, however, is another story and is a gummy sacrilege.

For your synthetic abomination and gummy sacrilege sandwich, may I suggest a jarred pasta sauce dipping sauce? It is:
About a cup of pasta sauce, warmed in a lidded saucepan on low heat while you create your microwaved… thing
Hefty sprinkling of garlic powder
Smidgen of italian seasoning
Mix well
Now you could warm up the sandwich in a lidded skillet and get less cheese meltage and more sandwich bread flavor but where’s the fun in that

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