An Attempt At Reusable Kitchen Washcloths

This might not be the most accessible post but it is what it is. Here was my idea: what if I cleaned up the washcloths already in the kitchen, sterilized them, then kept them in the kitchen and used them only to clean said kitchen and its surfaces, cleaning them in the dishwasher in between? That could cut down on paper towels. I thought. So what I did was this.
1. Wetted down the towels with dish soap and warm water and squeezed it out a few times under running water. This would be more effective if I had filled the sink first to squeeze the rags in, but I didn’t care.
2. Stuffed the kitchen sponge and the rags in two bowls and a mug, boiled water, and poured it over. Used the opposite side of a wooden spoon to push the rags and sponge under the water a few times.
Here’s where it started to go wrong. First, I didn’t boil enough water the first time so it got all lukewarm before I could add more. Drat. Waited a few hours then dumped the gross water out. I then completely forgot about these in the sink overnight. The next day, or was it two days later, I fixed my original mistake and boiled a whole bunch of water in the kettle, which took a while, then poured it over. And then promptly forgot all about them, again. One day later I dumped all the water out, wrung out the washcloths, draped them over the sink and decided they’d just go in the dishwasher next time. And then I forgot to put them in there. So that was um, not very effective, but I think they’re probably good to go. Now if I had had a non-jerk brain I would’ve shoved the still-lukewarm damp washcloths in the dishwasher with the dishes, then wrung it out and let it dry til use. That would’ve ensured they would actually be disinfected before contacting well, dishes. As it is I’m gonna use them anyway.
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