Cereal Box Cord Organizer Design 1

The other day my husband tripped on all the cords coming out of this octopus type multi-charger thing. Not for the first time. Since that’s a safety hazard I decided enough was enough. Here’s what I did:
1. Grabbed a pair of scissors and a small serrated blade knife
2. Cut the box down along where the edges met to roughly equidistant levels on all 4 sides, using the writing listed on the box to help figure out how far down to cut. Halfway through I figured out that you can use the scissors to cut on the outside a little to mark where you’re going to cut to. This is faster than marking with a pen.
3. Push down the sides, starting with the thinner ones, and not folding yet
4. Fold the thin bits and then the fat bits, adjusting to make the sides roughly the same height, then fold down well.
5. Cut a hole in one of the sides for the charge cord portion of the octopus charger using a cooking knife. Trash the cardboard bit from that.
6. Unplug the octopus charger from the main charge cord then re-plug it in the box; I noticed that this left some of the cords at an awkward angle and bent some of the charge cables so that’d put pressure on the usb ports one way or another, so
7. I got a reusable battery container about the size of a deck of cards and put that on the bottom, then twisted the octopus thing on its side.
8. Cram all the excess cords in there except the one you’re using and pull it up to a desktop. Done.

This is probably a fire hazard, but considering that this was a. a trip hazard and b. collecting a lot of dust it was probably a fire hazard as it was anyway. Maybe next time I’ll build something like this out of modular building toys or something.

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