Acorn Starting Site

This is my acorn starting site/oak tree seed starting setup, such as it is. It consists of some potting soil I had leftover, acorns spaced out about 3 inches from one another about an inch and a half beneath the surface, and pea gravel from the top. The pea gravel came from a big box store in a fairly small bag, it’s aquarium gravel. The potting soil is my usual favorite, you can use any you like as long as it doesn’t have mulch; seeds generally are hard if not impossible to start in that. The interesting part was collecting the acorns. Thing about my yard: It’s hard to find trees that fit the dimensions of the space and most oak trees get HUGE. So while I was on a trip to enjoy a meal at a favorite chain restaurant guess what I saw just sitting there in the parking lot? A reasonably sized oak tree with plenty of acorns on the ground beneath. Gathered a bunch of them, planted them that day. As I understand it this doesn’t have a great chance of success, but it may take two or even three years (!!!) to see results, just keeping this thing from drying out by watering it during dry spells and keeping it outdoors. So I’ll see what happens. Planted these about a month and a half ago, the acorns were definitely subjected to some cold temperatures this spring and if I’m lucky, next spring I may see some growth. Provided some industrious squirrel doesn’t eat it all first, hence the need for gravel to help hinder that.
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